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At MJM Global, we know the jewelry business.

Our staff of Jewelers Block experts is one of the largest and most experienced teams in the industry. MJM Global enjoys access to the widest selection of jewelers block insurance carriers (more than any of our competitors!). So if you need to insure your jewelry business, we will customize your insurance coverage to meet your special needs. We will perform a no-cost risk assessment for your business and offer you an insurance program that identifies and reduces your risk while always keeping an eye on your bottom line. 
MJM Global’s strong ties to Jewelers Mutual, XL Insurance, The Hanover, Lloyd’s of London and W.R. Berkley provide a unique and valuable advantage that benefits our clientele. These relationships complement our expertise and facilitate our creative approach to jewelers block insurance. 
We’re proud of the trust we’ve earned from many of the most prominent jewelry designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and gem labs. MJM Global also insures more jewelry industry trade organizations than any of our competitors.
We offer unsurpassed insurance coverage for the jewelry industry.


MJM Global offers a broad range of jewelers block insurance coverage against robbery, burglary, fire, theft, employee dishonesty and terrorism for:

  • Jewelry retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, designers, contractors and pawnbrokers
  • Jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and watch inventory
  • The goods you take in on memo or repair
  • The jewelry you carry when you, your employees or sales reps are traveling
  • Your shipments (domestic and international)
  • The jewelry you give out on memo or consignment
  • Your goods while at trade shows, trunk shows, fashion shows and photo shoots
  • Jewelry loaned to celebrities for high profile events like the Oscars or Golden Globe awards
  • Jewelry damaged while being worked on
We even offer Credit insurance.


Protecting your privacy is paramount

Adhering to the strictest standards of confidentiality, MJM Global will not sell or share your personal information to any outside party. This is mirrored by the company’s strict, confidential communication with the jewelry insurance underwriters who are being asked to bid on your jewelers block insurance coverage.


Honesty is MJM Global’s single, most important core value

MJM Global believes that all dealings with customers, insurance providers, and vendors are to be conducted with fairness, truth and transparency. As an insurance broker, the majority of our income is received from payments made by jewelry insurance companies. Data on this income is available to our customers at any time. As an organization, and individually, MJM Global adheres to the highest ethical standards.


So go ahead and ask the experts. They’ll tell you to give us a call.


You can reach us at 877-538-1020